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Why is this taking so long part 2?

The cafeteria was full of students, hungry and waiting in line for their lunch. Unlike most of the school population, Rukia, Orihime and Tatsuki had pre-packed and bought their lunches from home. So, they made their way through the crowd, both Orihime and Tatsuki making sure no one bumped into Rukia and walked straight past Ichigo and the others, with out a single word or glance.

Watching from a table in the far corner Ichigo followed Rukia with his eyes until she exited the cafeteria through the doors. He looked at Chad, who was slightly surprised, with a clueless expression and shrugged.

'Wonder what's up with them?' Ichigo said, as he picked up his juice box and gulped down the contents.

'Don't know.' Chad replied in his usual low tone.

'Hey Ichigo! What's up buddy?' Keigo yelled from across the room. He rushed over to the table and plonked down next to Chad.

'Keigo, haven't you ever heard of a silent appearance?' Ichigo said with his trade mark scowl across his face.

'But wait. Where's my beautiful Rukia? She usually sits with us.' Keigo asked looking around for Rukia.

'Don't know. Rukia, Orihime and Tatsuki passed through here not to long ago. They were acting strange for some reason.' Ichigo replied, pointing his thumb to the doors that the three exited out of.

A crash was heard.


'I still can't believe it Rukia. It's just so strange.' Tatsuki said, sitting at the bench on one side of Rukia. Orihime sat on the other side of Rukia and started eating one of her strange lunch concoctions. Rukia looked at it and her stomach churned. Her face cringed slightly and she closed her eyes.

'So Rukia, do you wanna go shopping after school?' Orihime asked smiling while holding a pair of chopsticks to her mouth.

'I don't think I'm …' she covered her mouth and ran behind some bushes. Orihime walked over and cringed at the sound of Rukia emptying her stomach of her breakfast. She walked forward and started gently rubbing Rukia's back.

Once Rukia had stopped, straightened up and panted slightly, trying to get her breath back.

'Are you ok, Rukia?' Orihime asked putting a hand on her shoulder.

'I'm fine now Orihime.'

'Hey! Aren't you Rukia Kuchiki?' Rukia turned around and saw a black haired guy walking towards her.

'What's it to ya?' She asked sounding a bit ticked off. The vile in her mouth was disgusting and she wanted to go wash her mouth out.

'I'm Jason Kingsly. I'm a transfer student just like you." He introduced himself, holding out a hand. Rukia took hold of his hand and shook it.

'Nice to meet you.'

'Uh do you mind but can you maybe eat lunch with me?'

'Sorry but no.'

'Ah come on. You can bring your friends if you like. Don't bother me.' Rukia looked at Orihime and she just shrugged with a little smirk on her face.

'Ok.' She said nodding. She turned around and walked towards Tatsuki and packed up her lunch.

'I guess it wont hurt to eat with this guy.' Rukia said in a low mumble so only Tatsuki could hear. She just gave a nod and stood up from the bench. The three of them followed Jason over to a table and sat down under the blooming cherry blossom tree.

'So Rukia, your pretty hot, ya seeing anyone?'

'No, not at the moment.'

'But Rukia-chan…' Orihime objected only to be cut off by Rukia's gaze. She closed her mouth and just looked down at the table.

Jason stood up with a smirk and walked around the table and sat next to Rukia in the vacant space.

'So you wanna go out with me?' He asked seductively.

'No thank you.' Rukia replied. She poked at her food but froze when she felt his hand run up her thigh.

'Now now, no one says no to me girl. Maybe I need to convince you.' He said. His hand sliding further and further up her leg. As his hand started to slide under her skirt he felt her hand cover his and her nails dig deep into the skin. He hissed and pulled his hand away.

'What the hell was that for bitch!?' He screamed, examining the purple marks on his hand.

Rukia stood up from her chair roughly and quick, sending it to the ground and slammed her hands straight down on the table sending everything flying too.

'You know you got one heck of a set on ya mister! Just because you're unhappy with the person you've become doesn't mean you can take it out on me! So just shut up! You think you can walk over here and pick a fight!

Guess what.

You picked the wrong girl at the wrong school on the wrong day. You slimy, stupid, idiot, I hope you step in cat crap! So bring it on!' Rukia snapped, her voice echoing straight through the opened door and through the whole cafeteria. Her eyes held a murderous glint to them and her body language was sending vibes of anger and rage to everyone around her.

Not leaving any room for questions she stormed off away from the table and straight around the corner out of site. Orihime and Tatsuki stood up and started running in the same direction, leaving behind a shocked crowd.

Tatsuki caught up to Rukia first and gently grabbed her arm.

'You ok?' She asked, Orihime stopped at her shoulder and looked at Rukia in concern.

'Yeah I'm fine.' Rukia replied wiping a lone tear that was on her cheek. She took a deep breath and sighed loudly.

'That was quite an outburst. I've seen some bad ones before but that was something else.' Tatsuki said, still looking a little shocked.

'There's just one problem. I don't know how long I can hide it for.' She replied sorrowfully. She bought a hand to her mouth and shook her head in despair. 'I can't hide it from Ichigo for much longer.'

'Well Rukia, your just gonna have to tell him.'

'I can't. I can't ruin his life like that.'


'Hey Rukia, What happened to you today? You just left school without waiting for me?' Ichigo said, looking at the black haired shinigami, as he entered his bedroom. He found her sitting on the floor, leaning her back against his bed reading one of her magazines.

'Yeah I'm fine.' She replied, not looking up from the article.

'Ok. Well I'm going for a shower, so don't leave the room.' And with that he picked out a shirt and pants and left. Once the door clicked shut Rukia put aside her magazine and ran to the door. She pressed her ear against it and heard running water.

'I have about ten minutes.' She muttered. She walked over to the closet and stuck her hand under her pillow. She fished out a pregnancy magazine she hid there before Ichigo got home. She walked over to his bed and sat down on it looking through the index.

'Let's skip the finding out part. What are my options?' She said flicking through the pages to the number she was after. She stopped and started reading.

'Adoption, abortion or keep the baby. Wow that's a lot of help.'

"Facing an unplanned pregnancy is not easy. First off lets work out what course of action is right for you. Let's start by working out how far along you are."

'Uh... um I really don't know.'

"Work out your first day of your last menstrual period."

"Hmmm, that was the twelfth of October."

"Add seven days."

"That's October nineteenth."

"Now subtract three months."  

'July nineteenth. Ok, so I about eight or seven months to be prepared.'

"And to tell Ichigo.'

"I can't tell Ichigo. I can't ruin his life like that." She thought sadly.

"You can't do this on your own."

"I can try. I have to."

"He won't be happy if you do that."

"I know."

"And you can't hide it forever."

"I know. Now shut up."

She shook her head. A little freaked out at the fact she was answering her sub conscious. She looked back at the article and read on.

Now that you have a general idea of the due date, you can figure out what action would be right for you. If you have decided to keep the baby then skip over this section. But if you're still unsure your first and the more common option is abortion. Depending on how far along you are, there are different types of abortion to suit.

Lets start with about twelves week.

Suction Aspiration

"Used in most (90%) abortions during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Anaesthesia, general or local, is given to the mother. There is no fetal anaesthetic. The mouth of the womb (cervix) is dilated. During pregnancy the cervix is closed tightly to protect the baby and can be easily damaged by forcible dilation. A suction curette (hollow tube with a knife-like edged tip) is inserted into the womb. A strong suction tears the baby to pieces, drawing them into a container. Great care must be used to prevent the womb from being perforated by this procedure. Sometimes, in a very early suction abortion, a smaller tube can be inserted and the cervix does not have to be dilated so severely; this is called a "menstrual extraction". Often, however, the tube does not remove all the pieces and infection will result, requiring the cervix to be fully dilated and a "D&C" performed."

After reading the article, Rukia looked up, her eyes wide and glazed over like she was about to cry. Her hands went loose and the magazine fell into her lap. Her eyes were fixated on the closet door and she couldn't move.

"I can't do that. No way. That's… that's murder."

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the shower turn off. The door flung open and she snapped out of her thoughts and gathered up the magazine. She walked straight past Ichigo who was looking at her worried. He could see the tears forming in her eyes and was about to ask her what was wrong when she intervened.

'Uh I'm going out with Orihime in a minute so ill be home a little late tonight.' She said looking him in the eye, her determination set.

Ichigo just nodded, a little shocked with her attitude. She walked over to the window and more carefully than ever before, climbed out and down to the ground.

"Usually she jumps. Why was she so careful?" He thought to himself walking over to the window. He looked down at Rukia who was waving at Orihime coming down the path. They hugged and then started walking off towards the centre of town. He turned away from the window and looked towards the opened closet. He could see a slight heading on the bottom corner of a magazine and he walked over and pulled it out by the corner. His eyes widened as he read the name.

Teen Pregnancy

His breathing went ridged and his hands started to sweat.

'Oh no.' He said to himself, looking at the cover.

'Please don't tell me we have a test on this soon.' He groaned slipping the magazine back under the pillow. He walked over to his desk and pulled out his Sex Education book. He flipped to the homework planner in the front and saw no test for the next three months.

'That's weird. No test.' He said to himself slightly confused about it. Deciding not to worry he shrugged it off and chucked his book on to the desk. He heard a knock on his door and turned and saw Yuzu standing there.
'Ichigo, dinners ready.' She said, holding a ladle in one hand and her other hand on the door knob.

'Yeah, ill be right down.'


'So Rukia, tell Ichigo yet?' Orihime asked as she walked up beside Rukia, who was looking over some new born baby clothes.  

'No, not yet. But I need to tell him. I have to tell him.' Rukia replied, running her fingertips over a light purple jumpsuit. Her eyes were scanning over the different styles and colors in the aisle. Her hand skimmed over the soft material until her eyes landed on a small pair of pink socks. Her eyes softened and she picked the socks off the rack.

'Look at these.' She said turning and showing Orihime. Orihime studied the little socks with a soft smile on her face.

'Their so cute.' She said cheerfully looking up at Rukia, who had a small tear running down her cheek. 'What's wrong?'

Rukia looked up at her and smiled.

'I just, I think its time I should start planning ahead for this. And it's going to change mine and Ichigo's life completely.' She said covering her eyes with her hand.

'So what's wrong?'

'I feel like I'd be ruining his life by doing this. And it's hurting so much.' She replied, collapsing to the ground in tears. Orihime kneeled down beside her and wrapped her arms around the weeping girl.

'It's gonna be ok. I've know Ichigo a while and I know he wouldn't do that to you.' She said soothingly, hoping that when the time came, Ichigo would be there for Rukia.  She looked down at Rukia, thinking about the possibility that Ichigo might not want the baby and he might avoid Rukia all together.

Once Rukia had calmed down some what she stood up and dried off her face. Orihime stood up beside her and gave her a tissue from her pocket. Rukia took it with a smile and wiped her eyes and nose.

'Come on. Let's keep looking. We didn't come here for nothing.' Rukia said. Smile her usual cheerful smile. She turned and walked down the isle, heading for the blankets and other accessories. Rukia watched her as she picked up a yellow blanket with three little ducks sewn onto one corner.

'Rukia, isn't this so cute?' She squealed in delight. She ran over to Rukia and showed her the blanket. Rukia smiled warmly, lightly touching the ducks with her finger tips.

'It's gorgeous.' She whispered looking at the blanket.

'Ok let's continue. We can buy some stuff today and store it at my place.' Orihime said pulling Rukia towards the blankets. Rukia looked at her with shock and was about to reply when Orihime silenced her.

'Ill pay but you need to pay me back.' She said with a smile. Rukia smiled and gave into Orihime's pulling.

"This is gonna be a long trip." Rukia thought to herself with a groan.

The end
When Rukia finds out she's pregnant after a party 2 months ago, she tries everything to hide it from Ichigo and her friends. But with her mood swings, leaving class more often and her sleeping longer than usual, Ichigo does some snooping to find out.

This is chapter 2
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